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From 3rd best golfer in the world to 169th in the rankings just three years later, Paul Casey’s fall from grace has been blighted by a lack of form, a lack of time and a number of injuries that have left the talented English golfer plummeting towards the lower ranks of the game.

However after last weeks impressive win at the Irish Open, can Paul now turn his career around and get back to the golf he is truly capable of?

Lets take a look at Paul’s career and what is in his bag for 2013.


Paul-Casey In the Bag Pro Golfer


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The History of the Taylor Made Golf Company

In terms of influencing how millions of golfers across the globe play the game today, Taylor Made Golf have had as big an influence on the clubs you have in your bag as any other major golf company. How can a company that was only formed in 1979, have had such a global impact on a sport that is several hundred years old?

Read on to find out.




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The Top Five Most Difficult Clubs to hit in your Golf Bag

When taking a look through the golf bag of almost any amateur player, you’ll notice that despite the set being bought at the same time, some clubs look slightly worn and weather-beaten, whereas there may be a few in the bag that still have that brand new gloss on them.

In this article, we’ll examine ths mysterious phenomenon in a little more detail and discover which are the five clubs in your bag that most most golfers find the most difficult to hit, starting from the least difficult, to the most difficult.





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