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In the Bag 2013 with Nicolas Colsaerts

Whether you have heard about him from his success at the 2012 Volvo World Match Play, because of his prodigious driving distance from the tee, or arguably one of the most memorable incidents of the year when he drove his tee shot into a toilet (see video below), Nicolas Colsaerts is fast becoming one of the emerging stars on the European tour.

The likeable Belgian was a member of the victorious 2012 Ryder Cup team playing a huge part in earning a vital point against Tiger Woods and Steve Stricker in the afternoon fourballs on the first day. Let’s learn a little about him and what is in his bag for the 2013 golfing season.




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2016 Olympic Games Golf Tournament in Rio

The protests this past week in Brazil over the amount of money being spent on preparing the country for both the 2014 World Cup Finals and the 2016 Summer Olympics, has already cast into doubt the wisdom of asking a single country to put on the two biggest sporting events in the world, within 24 months of each other.


Although Brazil’s economic status is buoyant, it is an economy built on inequality. You either have money and can afford the better things in life, or you do not and live in the favela’s in abject poverty.

In such circumstances, the wisdom of sinking billions of dollars worth of money in readying the country for both events, seems almost counter-intuitive.



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Teeing off the beaten track in Europe: Estonia’s developing golf market

If you are a European based golfer then you tend to know which countries have a long-standing culture around the game of golf. The UK and Ireland, Sweden, Germany, Spain, Portugal, France, Switzerland, Italy, Germany are all known to have a firmly established golf scene and indeed, many golfers take trips to these countries each year to sample their excellent courses.


Yet across Europe, golf is growing in popularity. In countries like Turkey and the Czech Republic, the game is undergoing a surge in popularity yet it is not just in terms of amateur players wanting to play that is driving up increasing numbers of golf courses. Many countries have realised that they can take advantage of their natural surroundings to give European golfers something different and that is certainly the case in Estonia.




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How many disabled golfers are out there and where do they play?

We have run several articles about disabled golf, but to put those articles into context, what kind of numbers are we talking about when it comes to disabled golfers? Where do they play and who does the typical disabled golfer play with?

To answer the question of how many disabled people play golf isn’t a particularly easy task and this is because of the number of different sources each reporting a different figure and this is because the term “disability” means something different all over the world and finding a universal definition of what constitutes a disability isn’t easy.


Golf-player-access to golf course

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Rose blooms at Merion, but is this the golf we want to see at a Major Championship?

For Justin Rose, it was the realisation of a long-held dream, he can now call himself a Major title winner.

For Phil Mickelson, it was agony for the sixth time as Lefty once again finished second in the US Open. For the rest of the field, it was just one word. Brutal.


Justin Rose J golfer

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The Ten Best (and Strangest) Golfer’s Names Ever

Have you noticed that many of the world’s top golfers do tend to have somewhat unusual names? The current World Number 1,  Tiger Woods is a case in point, sounding as he does like an Sumatran wildlife sanctuary for endangered cats.

Yet there are a myriad of equally unusually-monikered players. Outlined below are Gorilla Golf’s ten best golfers’ names that we’ve come across over the years.

Would you add any more to this illustrious list?


Tiger Woods


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He is one of the tour’s most charismatic, controversial and talented golfers, yet for many people Sergio Garcia remains an enigma. Supremely talented and a natural successor to Seve, Garcia is yet to fulfil the immense potential he first showed as young golfer and several unsavoury incidents in his career have left a somewhat bitter taste in the mouth of his many fans, as well as his critics.

In this article, we’ll learn a little about this divisive character, the clubs he’ll have in the bag in 2013 and what his future aims may be.





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