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A Historical Preview of the Game of Golf

It is strange to think that the likeable American Steve Stricker, a player noted for his consummate professionalism and dedication to the game, has only won 12 PGA Tour events, 20 events worldwide in total and is yet to end his Major drought.

He’s spent most of the past six years inside the World Top Ten best golfers and has always been a consistent player on tour, yet the feeling is that despite his great all round game and consistent play, he could and should have won a few more titles than he has.


In this article we’ll take a look at the enigmatic American golfer and Ryder Cup veteran who is a twice winner of the PGA Tour Comeback Player of the Year award (kn 2006 and 2007)


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A Brief History of the Golf Ball

Dixon, Srixon, Callaway, Titleist, Bridgestone; the names of these famous golf manufacturers are all synonymous with the modern day golf ball. Dixon have even brought out the first eco-friendly golf ball in recent times!

As golfers we understand that different balls are better suited to different players. Cheaper, more resilient and harder balls offer more durability and distance from the tee, ideal for the high handicapper.

Top of the range tour balls are softer, less durable but offer superb control to a golfer skilled enough.

Yet the golf ball is arguably one of the most radically redesigned pieces of golf equipment there is as this short trip through the history of the golf ball.



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iPhone and iPad golf apps

Where is the line between where an app is simply an amusing novelty, to where it becomes an actual workable, useful tool for helping improve your golf game?


This is a very valid point nowadays given the sharp increase in the number of golfers who are using apps either out on the course, on the range or even at home to record and analyse many different aspects of their game. Is all this work ultimately fruitless? Are amateur golfers now shooting much lower scores and showing much greater on course knowledge due to them keeping a record of their scores or swing on an iPad?


In the past, most amateur golfers will know that any ‘miracle fix’ for a golfing problem was usually far from that and often just added to the frustration.


So in Gorilla Golf’s never-ending quest to bring you all the latest in the world of apps, were going to look at how someone, (me), has used these apps to successfully improve their golf game and in short, despite downloading and testing many different apps over the last year or more, I’ve found that only THREE types of app, I believe, have had a positive effect on my game.



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In the Bag 2013 with Tom Watson

In the coming years, when we celebrate the achievements of golfing legends, such as when the likes of Arnold Palmer, Gary Player and Jack Nicklaus are honoured by ceremonially teeing off at the Masters, the name of Tom Watson should sit comfortably alongside such golfing luminaries.


Watson’s achievements in the game, allied to his warm, friendly demeanour have won him countless of fans and tournaments across the globe, yet there is a good reason why this 63-year old is not quite ready to become an iconic figurehead – and that is because the next US Ryder Cup captain is defying advancing years to still show sparkling form against the world’s best.



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Tiger Woods mental golf

The spat between Tiger Woods and Sergio Garcia seemingly started at the recent Players Championship took a somewhat more sinister turn earlier this weeks after Garcia’s comments at the European Tour Players Awards Dinner.

Asked by the host if he would be willing to have Tiger Woods around for dinner, Garcia flippantly replied “We will have him round every night. We will serve fried chicken”.

Those words were singularly ill-advised, to put it mildly.



Sergio Garcia


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Top Ten Most Expensive Green Fees Golf in the World Today

As most amateur golfers know, golf is a game which gets into the blood. It is like an addiction and it is one we feed willingly with our sweat, tears, toil and cash. Equipment and gear may be, in relative terms, a little more accessible to most golfers these days and the thriving second hand market means it is relatively easy to pick up good quality golf gear at low prices.


Yet there remains a place where money is no object and that is when it comes to paying for the cost of a round of golf on any of the following top ten most expensive golf course green fees for a round of golf.




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Coming Soon: Your home Golf Course's own app?

As you know, Golf apps come in a variety of different guises, ranging from simple games, to analytical tools aimed at helping an individual golfer improve their game, right down to ‘virtual caddie’ software which not only gives you the distance of each shot, but warns you of hazards and even suggests which club to play.


We’ve looked at some of the best (and worst) apps available in a series of articles late last year and in the main most apps we come across to review tend to fit into one of the already established genres.


Gallus Golf however are changing how we view apps by developing what they term as an “app strategy” for over 200 courses in America.



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