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Benefits of mobile golf games

Golf players know the best way to improve their game is by practice. A game of precision and skill, there are so many factors that must be considered when hitting the links and many beginners need a helping hand in learning the ropes.

If you finding it hard to get out on the green or do not have enough time to visit the driving range, a golfing app or game may be the best alternative. Similar to players who use iPhone casino games to improve their winning chances at a real casino, golf simulators allow for players to get much needed practice whilst understanding more about driving and putting.




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The top ten most ‘unusual’ golf putters

One of the most remarkable things about the modern touring golfer is the sheer number of hideous golf putters there are in play each week.

Take a trip to any tournament and you’ll be dazzled by golfers taking to the greens with what look like props from an episode of Star Trek tucked under their arm.


It’s not just the modern golfer that is afflicted either, throughout history, golfers have wielded some strange looking putting beasts on the greens.

Here’s our top ten of putters that we’d like to forget



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Golf is changing, although the heritage and traditions of the game remain, how we access the game, improve our skills, evaluate our performance and even measure the distance between our ball and the hole is changing. Leading the way in this technological march are golf apps, those small pieces of software that people can download onto their smartphone or tablet and use to help them with a wide number of different aspects of their game.


For many golfers of a more venerable age, this new and exciting Apple-centric world can seem a little daunting. So if you don’t know whether you need an iPhone or an iPad, and if you are confused if you need WiFi or 3G compatible devices and you would like to know the pros and cons of each in simple, clear English – then this is the article for you.


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In the Bag 2013: Angel Cabrera

Angel Cabrera was inches away from winning his second green jacket in 2013 Masters. As the picture below clearly shows, his chip shot at the first extra play off against Adam Scott missed the cup by fractions of an inch and forced them down a second play off hole, which the Australian then went on to win.

The likeable Argentinean however will likely be back to challenge next year as he has a formidable record at Augusta, winning in 2009 and being in the final groups on Sunday afternoon in both 2011 and 2013.

Nicknamed “El Pato” or “The Duck” for the waddling gait he exhibits on the course, Cabrera employs his own son as his caddy and his second place at the Masters moved him up to 64th in the World.

Let’s find out a little more about this enigmatic South American, including what is in his bag for 2013.



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Gorilla Golf Game Review: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14

The 26th March was a day circled in the calendar for many fans of computerised golf games as the long-awaited next installment of EA Sports golf franchise is released; Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14.

While we normally take a look at the latest golf apps, this week we are previewing this imminent release and looking at some of the key features of the game, ostensibly for the XBox and PS3 systems, but with an eye to whether it would also make a good purchase for those users who would enjoy playing the game as an app.

So, with just a few days to go before release, is the new Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 worth buying?


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Adam Scott wins The Masters 2013 with Steve Williams

In the end, the 2013 Masters became a test of resolve, character and nerve as once again, two golfers, Adam Scott and Angel Cabrera, were tied after a compulsive 72 holes of golf to decide the winner of the 2013 Masters tournament.

In the end, it was a sense of redemption for the 32-year-old Aussie as just a few months after his last four hole capitulation at the British Open, Scott lifted his first ever Major with victory at the second play off hole at Augusta.



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Top Ten Masters Moments of the last 30 Years

Over the past 30 years, The Masters has provided us with some of the most incredible golfing moments in the history of the game.

In this article, I look at my personal top ten Masters Moments of the last 30 years, starting with merely the miraculous before finishing with a stroke of genius.


10. Fred Couples gravity-defying ball at the 12th in 1992

The Par 3 12th hole is a famous part of Amen Corner with a very narrow green protected by water, a bunker and then flower beds behind.

In 1992, Fred Couples was embroiled in a battle with Ray Floyd and Corey Pavin for the Masters title as he teed up at this notoriously windswept hole.

Couples shot landed on the green but spun back and with the cut of grass in the rough severe, it seemed inevitable that the ball would roll into the water. Indeed, the ball started rolling down the bank but incredibly, came to rest just six inches above the waterline, seemingly defying the laws of physics.

The video below shows Couple’s second shot and he eventually saved par and went on to claim the green jacket.


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