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Gorilla Golf Guru: My Christmas Golfing Wish List

It is that time of year again, when golfers across the globe make their wish list of Christmas presents, most of them hoping that their wife will pick them up that superb new titanium forged driver, but safe in the knowledge that at best, you are going to receive a pair of socks with a stick-man golfer sewn into the weave.

Therefore, in keeping with the festive spirit, here’s my Christmas golfing wish list. They are not presents as such, but they are things that I think would benefit me, and fellow golfers, enormously over the coming weeks and months.



1. A couple of driving enclosures next to the first tee at golf courses

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Golf-ball-mental golf

Of course, to master the intricacies of self one versus self two and the “da-da-da-da” method of practicing one must go beyond theory. To take W. Timothy Gallwey’s ideas from The Inner Game of Golf seriously we need to discover how his methods of teaching the game and addressing the complex issues that are part of learning the game of golf, actually work. The proof, comes only from case studies of golfers who have adopted his teaching methods and enjoyed tangible personal success as a result.

The first study we’ll look at is that of the author himself.

Case Study I: W. Timothy Gallwey

As well as being the author of the book, Gallwey tells the story of his own golfing journey. After explaining his frustrations from being a noted tennis player and his inability to transfer his skills from that discipline into golf, he explains how he used the methods with which he learned his tennis skills to teach himself golf.


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Tiger Woods and his Nike Golf Equipment

Whisper it quietly, but the Tiger may finally be stirring from its two-year slumber. His form in the recent Emirates Australian Open saw him finish a respectable third in the tournament, finishing behind Greg Chalmers and John Senden. Indeed, had it not been for a dismal third round 75, Woods may well have comfortably won the tournament, posting as he did scores of 68, 67 and a final day 67 to land third spot on his own.

Woods frequent interviews where he seems to dismiss reporters fears over his much modified swing and insistence that things are coming together, finally look like they have a grain of truth. It could not have come at a better time especially after this week’s Presidents Cup, not least because it pitted Tiger against former caddie Steve Williams (now on the bag for Adam Scott). Tiger may have finally found some form, even if the team golf format hasn’t been the best showcase for his talents in the past.


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Disabled Golf: The Ryder Cup Event  that, You’ve Never Heard of...

No, we’re not talking about the President’s Cup competition that team America have just won once again, nor are we talking about the brainchild of Samuel Ryder. Instead, we are talking about an event that deserves equal attention and acclaim within the press as these two illustrious events.

From 7th to the 9th October 2011, at the Slaley Hall resort in Hexham near Northumberland, two great golfing organisations got together for the first event of its kind. A team of English golfers from the Disabled Golf Society took on a team of Scottish golfers, organised by the Scottish Disabled Golf Partnership, in a 3-day “Ryder Cup style” event.

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Health, Fitness, Nutrition and Exercise Affect Golf Swing

For many years, there only seemed a tenuous link between health, fitness and golfing ability. In bygone times, golfers would eschew physical exertion for extra time on the range, honing their golf skills and believing that the fitness side of the game would ‘take care of itself’.

That trend changed when golfers soon realised that being physically healthy, fit and eating well played an important part of their overall golfing ability. While occasionally, modern players who are more generously proportioned can win a competition or two, nowadays most modern players spend almost as much time in the gym and with the nutritionist, as they do out on the course.



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Ernie Els and his Callaway Golf Clubs | Callaway Golf Equipment

If there is a professional golfer most responsible for the collective angst shared by amateur golfers as to just how difficult the game actually is, then it is arguably Ernie Els. Watching the big South African play the game is beguiling. His languid, flowing swing seems effortless end entirely natural.

It has earned him the nickname The Big Easy and the results of his swing are usually spectacular. Els is only too aware of how his game appears to others, stating:

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A Golfing Lesson from a Disabled Golfer

It is fair to say that at our local courses, coming across a fellow golfer who clearly has some kind of disability is a relatively rare phenomenon. I do know that there are locals with disabilities who play but on my all-too-rare sorties out onto the golf course to frighten the local wildlife, I seldom encounter anybody other than other able-bodied golfers.

The one marked contrast to that occurred several years ago when my brother and I were playing our local course. We had just completed the first eleven holes and were walking across from the 11th tee to the 12th, which facilitated a five minute walk across a couple of roads (our local course is in two distinct areas, separated by a small local road). As we arrived on the 12th tee, we could see a disabled golfer finishing off at the second hole just behind us.


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