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The Golfing Dress Code: Part of Golf’s Rich Heritage or Elitist Nonsense?

Here’s a quick one for you; how much of the R&A’s golfing bible The Rules of Golf, is devoted to the importance of the golfing dress code? One section? A chapter in its own right? Is it interwoven throughout the pages?

The answer is nothing, not even a single mention. There is no rule or law regarding golfing dress code in the Rules of Golf whatsoever.

Instead, what we perceive to be the “Rules of Golf” are actually more the “Rules of Golf Clubs”. There are two arguments for the implementation of a dress code on the course. The first is the line taken by golf clubs, which usually translates into something like this:

Golf dress code is a vital part of the club as it sets high standards in behaviour and appearance for all our members. Furthermore, it builds character, promotes responsibility and maintains the famous traditions of golf.



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What do I Need to Play Urban Golf and Where can I Play it? Urban Golf Part 2

Following on from our first expose about urban golf, the second article in the series looks at the actual mechanics of playing the game, what equipment you require to play the game, what rules are generally used to play (and some of the more common modifications made to these rules), and where you can go to experience the game.

What are the main rules of urban golf?

One of the great appeals of urban golf is that you can experience a fresh challenge every time you play and as such, there is a need for the rules to be flexible enough to reflect this.

Urban golf

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Trust Your Golfing Instincts; Win the Inner Golfing Battle

Part One: Instruction to destruction: Why too much information may not be a good thing for your golf swing

Any golfer that has struggled with their swing and sought advice, from the pages of a book, from friends and fellow golfers or even in the form of tuition from golf professionals is all too aware that the simple act of swinging a golf club, suddenly becomes inordinately complex.

We move from taking our first natural swing of a club into being guided as to what is right by a succession of well-intended instructions. There is so much to concentrate upon, where should your hands be at the start of the downswing, have your hips rotated enough, are you shifting your centre of gravity too much or too little, is your head moving, is your clubface too open, too closed?

Golf instinct

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The Ten Most Annoying Things on a Golf Course - Part II

Part I of The Ten Most Annoying Things on a Golf Course 


6. Golf carts and trolleys on tees and greens.

Thankfully a rare sight nowadays is that of a golfer dragging his clubs, or a trolley or even an electric golf cart onto the green. Worse still is when they drop down their bag onto the putting surface and you know that where you wanted to aim your approach is now likely to be filled with pock-marks, dents and chunks of earth. There are those that decide to store their umbrella by sticking the pointed end into the green in between shots.


Obviously, there are some golfers who do require carts to go on  greens, such as disabled golfers (These machines are designed to have approximately 20-40 kilograms per wheel so in no way can damage the green. They are often the same basic 3-point design as a green mower), but if you have no good reason to do so, leave your golf equipment at the side of the green or on the cart path. It’s highly unlikely they will be stolen by a passing gang of squirrels, nor will they start crying because they are not right at your side like a clinging child.

7. Temporary greens

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Lexi Thompson and her Cobra Golf Equipment

Just a few weeks ago, Lexi Thompson, 16, pocketed a winning cheque of £124,000 after a final round 70 saw her clinch the LPGA Navistar Classic in Prattville, Alabama, setting a new benchmark as the youngest ever winner on the LPGA tour.

Thompson’s star has been in the ascendency for some time. Last year, as a 15-year-old, she finished an astonishing fourth in the U.S.Women’s Open at Oakmont and a few years back played in the tournament as a 12-year-old.

While current LPGA rules state that only golfers over the age of 18 are allowed to play on the tour full time, Commissioner Mike Whan is expected to announce shortly that Thompson, who petitioned the LPGA for acceptance onto the tour next season following her win, will waive the age restriction in her case.


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The Ten Most Annoying Things on a Golf Course - Part I

What gets your blood boiling on a round of golf? Is it inner frustration, or are there external factors which can turn a pleasurable round of golf from being a stress relieving joy, into a slow descent into maddening fury? Listed below are the ten most annoying things you will come across on a golf course today.

1. Slow play

The bane of many a round of golf is when you and your partners, not to mention the 30 people behind you wait around at each hole for the four ball in front to finish. There’s the “after you Henry” groups of people who seem so intent on playing to The Rules, that they stand around applauding each and every shot, checking their yardage books, chatting about the weather, changing clubs three times before topping the shot 15 yards down the fairway to begin the process once again.


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Gorilla Golf Blog’s Urban Golf Special - Part 1: What exactly is Urban Golf?

Rickie Fowler plays it, keen golfers across campuses in the US play it and there are now organised tournaments across the globe for it, but urban golf is still very much an unknown entity to many golfing fanatics.

Welcome to the first in a three-part series that looks exclusively at the phenomenon that is urban golf. In this special trio of articles, we examine what the game actually is, how it came into being, how it is played, what the rules of the game are, where it is played across the world and also at some of the surprise names who have played the game. Finally, we’ll look to the future and look at how urban golf could have a positive impact in attracting more people play the wonderful game of golf – or not!

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