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New R&A Golf Rules Change is Welcomed by Players | The Rules of Golf 2012-15

As reported by Adam Schupak in the New York Times on 27th October 2011, the new publication of the golfer’s bible The Rules of Golf 2012-15 by R&A will see no less than nine changes to the current rules, with one change in particular a very long time in coming for a few unfortunate professionals and amateurs.

The rule in question is the dreaded rule 18-2b, which concerns the ball moving after it has been addressed by a golfer. It is a rule number which many golfers have firmly in the forefront of their mind when putting in windy conditions.




Previously to the new rule modifications announced last week, once a golfer had addressed the ball with intention to putt it into the hole, if the ball moved due to any reason, then the golfer had to accept a penalty stroke.

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After racing Mark Cavendish, can you take on the might of McIlroy with Oakley?

Oakley, one of the leading brands of sports apparel and eyewear in the world, have released the second in their eagerly anticipated You Vs. Series of games.

The games are playable either on the Oakley website or their Facebook page and this time golfing fans get to take on the skills and style of Northern Ireland golfing great Rory McIlroy.


Oakley You Vs. Rory McIlroy


The first game saw keen cyclists take on Mark Cavendish earlier this year but golfing fans are delighted at the chance to pit their wits against current world number three McIlroy, who only this weekend won his fourth professional tour event at the Shanghai Masters.

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Who plays Urban Golf and where? Urban Golf Part 3

In the first two articles of the series – Urban Golf Part 1, Urban Golf Part 2 – we have looked at what urban golf is, how it has developed over time, the rules and the equipment you need in order to play the game.
Having analysed this information in detail, let us now examine exactly who plays urban golf and some of the major urban golf tournaments that are held around the world.


Urban golf course


1. Who is likely to play urban golf?

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Golfer Tom Lewis and his Ping Golf Equipment

Few golfers have made as much of an impression over their first three rounds as a professional as young British player Tom Lewis. After leading this year’s British Open alongside Thomas Bjorn after the first round, his talent was duly noted on the world stage. Two months later, Lewis was one of the stars of the victorious Great Britain and Ireland Walker Cup team and it was expected that the player, who was ranked as the 7th best Amateur in the world at the start of the tournament, would turn professional after the event.

That proved to be the case and Lewis made his debut as a professional at the Austrian Open later that month, recovering well from an opening round 74, to finish tied for tenth in his first European Tour tournament.


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Gorilla Golf Guru Advise: Lose the Golfing Ego and Make Par

The two courses most local to me, and ones which I enjoy playing most frequently, are both similar in that their first two holes are relatively benign. This gentle opening is a nice warm up before you approach the third tee for the first really difficult hole of the round. I have absolutely no idea why these courses were designed this similar way, whether it was merely fate or intelligent design, but in both cases it is a quite brilliant way to begin a round of golf for the amateur.

Second-hole-golf course -Montreux-Switzerland

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Driven to Distraction, the Concentration Paradox in Golf

Part One: Trust Your Golfing Instincts…

What distracts you on a golf course? The tweet of noisy birds, the chatter of a playing partner or perhaps a mobile phone blaring in the distance? Golfers always struggle to maintain their concentration on the course and the typical golfer views their ability to concentrate on golf as having time to listen to the commentary that runs through their head as they take a golf swing.

Oddly enough, this form of concentration may well be the most distracting thing a golfer faces on the golf course.

The problem is, there is an assumption that what we have heard the golf pro or fellow golfers say and the tips we read in the Internet or in magazines are all accurate and applicable to your swing and your skill set. Is our swing is too wide, or too shallow, de I accelerate through the ball enough, am I rotating my hips to clear space for the club to come cleanly through the ball. We hear these voices as we swing the golf club and for many, this is the essence of concentration.

This form of concentration is entirely counterproductive.



The driving range is the perfect place to see this in action. Driving the ball is a key skill in golf and one that many golfers will take time and patience to try and improve, but ask yourself just one question. When have you ever seen a good driver of a golf ball have a swing that seems racked with doubt and looks unnatural?

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The Golfer and His Bag: Bryce Molder Uses Titleist Equipment

Bryce Molder’s nerve-jangling victory at the Open on 9 October was his first on the tour. In a day when big names like Ernie Els and Paul Casey struggled to match his stunning final round 64 and Tiger Woods was seemingly pestered by a man flinging hot dogs (!), Molder triumphed when he defeated Briny Baird on the sixth play-off hole, sinking a 6-foot birdie putt after a dramatic marathon play off.

Molder is a Titleist staff player and outlined below are the clubs he used to record superb final rounds of 65 and 64, to win the championship.

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