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5 Best Golf Resorts in Asia

It is perhaps unusual to think that barely a couple of decades ago, golf resorts in Asia were almost non-existent. While players like Jumbo Ozaki and Isao Aoki were making names for themselves on the professional circuit, the tourist departments of many Asian countries had not realised the outstanding quality of golf courses that they could offer the world.

In recent times, that has changed and Asian golf vacations have become increasingly popular as visitors flock to their shores to sample some of the best golf courses in the world.

Ria-Bintan golf course

Listed below are just five best golf resorts in Asia that offer world-class golf in beautiful surroundings.

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Let Nothing Stop You - One Armed Golf Prodigy Leo Millar

He is a normal 10 year old boy who likes skateboarding and wants to earn his black belt in karate. However, it seems that Leo Millar is also a talented golf prodigy, despite the fact that he only has one hand. Leo learnt to play golf with one hand, but recently received a tailored silicone prosthetic from Dorset Orthopedic Clinic which has allowed him to start playing with two hands for the first time. This young man is now able to focus on his golf swing and hit 180yards without a problem.

Leo’s dream is to play alongside with the US Open champion Rory McIlroy and no doubt, beat him.

Leo-Millar golf prodigy

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Luke Donald and his Mizuno Golf Equipment

Take a look at Luke Donald’s swing and you can see why the world number one is often regarded as the model of consistency on the golf course. With his game built around clean hitting of the ball, a strong, consistent swing allied to innovative shot making, it is not difficult to understand why this Northwestern University graduate has elevated himself to the top of the golf rankings.

For the novice golfer, taking a glimpse into the bag of the world number one golfer offers an insight into how players carefully select the golf equipment that suit their style and their game.


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Best Golf Courses in Majorca

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Majorca is an island, renowned for its majestic views and spectacular scenery. With numerous attractions and stunning sights, it’s no wonder that Majorca inspires loyalty and many holidaymakers return every year.  Just a short airplane ride away from the UK, Majorca is home to 21 golf courses all around the island.  With an average annual temperature of approximately 21 degrees, golfers enjoying to choosing Majorca for their golfing holidays and short breaks.

Palma-nova-crowded beach

Palma Nova beach

Located towards the south coast of Majorca, Palma Nova attracts many tourists every year.

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