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Beth Allen, Professional Lady Golfer with a Heart

Beth Allen is an American golfer on the Ladies European Tour. Beth turned professional in 2005 after graduating from California State University, Northridge and recently, donated a kidney to her older brother. Beth’s 29 year old brother will be recovering for a few weeks from the surgery but thanks to his kid sister, Dan will be back in action soon.


GorillaGolfBlog thanks Beth for sparing a few minutes to sit down and answer our questions:

GGB: What makes you happy?

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La Jenny Naturist Golf Course: Revisiting Six Holes of Bare Stroke Play!

A recent GorillaGolfBlog blog post about fashion on a golf course highlighted the vast range of different tastes when it comes to golf apparel. The rule makers in golf seem keen for every player to have their own ‘uniform’ when it comes to playing the game, provided it fits in with the rules but at La Jenny golf course in France, these rules have taken on a whole new meaning.

La Jenny Naturist Golf Course is the world’s first naturist only golf course. In a recent US media poll, the course came out top in a poll of  the worlds ‘coolest’ courses (though whether that is merely down to the temperature on a French seaside links, while in the buff, remains open to debate).

Naturist golf la Jenny

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Celebrity Golfers – Justin Timberlake

It seems that even singers have clambered up the golfing bandwagon but one just likes to hold on for dear life. Justin Timberlake, teenage heartthrob and celebrated singer, also decided to take up this sport 6 years ago,  a time when he was hailed for attaining the highest level as a  celebrity player in the Bob Hope Chrysler Classic.

However, fame was not the only thing this (surprisingly sweet) singer had in mind when he took up the game of golf. According to GolfDigest, the actor/singer recently announced a PGA tour event, “The Justin Timberlake Shriner’s Hospitals for Children’s Open” to raise money for his charity. Additionally, the charity meet will debut in Las Vegas in October of this year.


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Accuracy in Golf and the Fear of Failure

Ask any golfer around ‘What should you do if you want to hit the ball beyond 60 yards?’ The reply would be to hit it harder than you usually do.

It is true that exercising brute force in a golf shot will take it farther than the normal shot. But, the mind is where the distance is achieved. You can hit the ball as hard as you like but accuracy in golf stems from the mind. The main reason why you hit the golf ball in the duck pond is that you hit it hard but don’t calculate the power in terms of distance.

Human error aside, being accurate in golf is achievable for a person with average mental strength. You don’t have to be precise as long as you can achieve what you set out to do.

Clear your mind of what you should be doing and try to think of a calming pleasant memory or sensation.

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Celebrity Golfers - Michael Jordan

Not all celebrities think that golf is all about fun and games though. The former renowned basketball player, Michael Jordan certainly gives this game the attention that has propelled his own star status to new heights. Perhaps his famous quote has something to say about this star athlete’s claim to fame: “I don’t do things half heartedly…if I do that then I can expect halfhearted results.”

This is one of many quotes that has made the former basketball player the best even after his retirement from this sport. It also allowed him to give his full attention to his 2nd love, namely the game of golf.

Michael-Jordan Golf

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Celebrity Golf Players - A Match Made In Heaven?

The game of golf has seen its fair share of kooky characters, but celebrities take the cake when it comes to making a splash on this green. From charitable acts to quirky and humorous antics, actors (and other celebs) have added glitz and glamour to a sport that leaves something to be desired for fans and spectators alike. It can get real frustrating on the green after all. Trust the characters in tinsel town to up the ante on their own game but have great fun while doing it. Take the following celeb for instance:

Bill Murray

The actor and comedian Bill Murray has seen his fair share of ups and downs in his career, but there’s no stopping him when he hits that green. Giving a whole new meaning to the term ‘comedic timing’ Murray livened up this sometimes frustrating sport with his own brand of humor during the annual Pebble Beach National Pro-Am where he took center stage in the 3rd round.

Bill-Murray-Pebble Beach

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2011 Masters Golf Tournament Oozes with Lore

It has seen forty years and seventy two hole-in-ones, but the annual Wednesday par-three contest at Augusta National Golf Club has never seen its champion go on to claim a Masters Golf Tournament title in the same year. This strange statistic begs one question – If Clifford Roberts (the club’s co-founder) had not delivered his last shot on that very par-three course, would the annual small ball classic still bear such an unbreakable curse?

Speaking of curses, I’m sure that Tiger Woods is hoping that four more laps around Amen Corner will prove to be the final dose of repentance required to lift his. Of course – making the unlovable lovable once again would be a feat fitted to unfold only on that enchanted emerald stage.

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