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Most of the world was caught by surprise witnessing the end of Hosni Mubarak’s reign in Egypt. For over 30 years, Hosni Mubarak has been the only president of Egypt. The most surprising thing is the buildup to his resignation. It was only after the people of Egypt took to the streets and protested for more than two weeks, that Mubarak submitted to the pressure and finally left with his tail between his legs (and a few billion in the bank…).

The Egypt uprising was the first of several uprisings all over the Arab World. With people looking to put an end to autocratic rule, there is a chance that many leaders of Arab countries will have to leave like Mubarak. This event will go down in history and will be remembered for a long time. Plus, it will have a profound effect in many arenas: oil, finance and sports to name a few.

Though the Arab World may not be known for its players, some of the best sporting facilities are located in these countries. The Arab Uprisings 2010-11 will have a profound impact on the sports of these countries. Golf tourism and events in the Middle East and other Arab countries like Egypt, are certain to be affected.

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Our friend Jay Morse from Forelinksters has just finished listing the top ten golf courses in Las Vegas.

Everyone eventually gets to Las Vegas, and Linksters like to get in a round of golf or two in between the shows and gambling, or the convention they’re attending. My first time in Vegas, in the early 1970’s, we played the current Las Vegas National Golf Club, which at that time was a pretty swanky place, a PGA Tour stop, and a relatively new course. The Desert Inn, or DI was the top public access course in town, and wished I’d known about it and played it, cause it’s gone now, the site of the new Wynn Hotel and golf course.

Las Vegas Welcome

Today, Las Vegas National is somewhat run of the mill, a little tired, but still fine layout overshadowed by some incredible layouts. The Vegas of the 1970’s had only 35,000 hotel rooms, today, there’s 150,000, the same thing has happened to golf in Vegas. I would be marginally wealthier if I’d only visited Vegas once in the last 35 years, instead of the 100+ times I’ve been there, and played most of the golf courses. If you’ve never been, and plan your holidays to Las Vegas,  you’ll want to pick from the top shelf of golf courses in town. Everyone has their top 10 lists, ours is from the readers and members of Forelinksters who have rated and reviewed the best courses in town and have come up with the following list of the top 10 golf courses in Las Vegas you can play in alphabetical order:

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Honda Classic 2011 PGA National in Palm Beach

The Honda Classic 2011 is going to be the first tournament of the PGA Tour’s “Florida Swing”.  The PGA National Resort & Spa’s Champion course in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida is the venue for the Honda this year – and – unlike most PGA events, the Honda Classic will allow fans to carry and use their cell phones.

The tournament promises much excitement as many of the top ranked golfers are already committed to play. Lee Westwood, now ranked number 2 on the Tour, Graeme McDowell number 5 (and who beat Tiger at his home tournament last  December), defending champion Camilo Villegas, Rory Mcllroy and former champions Ernie Els and Mark Wilson, who have won twice already elsewhere earlier this year. Els and Wilson are currently leading the Fed Ex Cup standings and the PGA money list.

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Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews Through the Ages

St. Andrews is a wee seacoast town in Scotland, located on the east coast of Fife. The population of St. Andrews is less than 20,000 and if you’re not a golfer, there is a chance that you would have never heard of it. However, to a golf lover, the name of St. Andrews is synonymous with the sport itself, as St. Andrews is considered to be the home of golf.

Golf in Scotland – The Origins

When looking at the history of this distinguished sport, one can’t help noticing the impact Scotland has had on it. Every civilization that has been has had a game involving a ball and something to hit it with. Scotland has been known to have molded the game into its current shape back in the 15th century. Even the term ‘golf’ was first used by the Scottish in an act of Parliament in 1457, under the rule of King James II.

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