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Golf Tips from Ian Poulter

Ian Poulter gives an excellent golf tip how to get out of trouble when your golf ball has landed in a tricky place. His explanation is spot on, also the way you have to hold the club, however when he takes the shot then things get a bit awkward.

Happens even to the best of us, too bad that they don’t show a second or third try to see whether he could get the ball out.

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Patience and Determination - How to Break 80 in Golf (Part 3)

Mens sana in corpore sano. Like every other sport, the body will produce the output for this game from the input that the brain has given it. But be good to your body – give it a chance to do what doesn’t come naturally to most of us. To break 80 in golf this is especially true. With patience and determination, good mental attitude and some physical fitness, your golf score will approach that elusive 80 sooner than you think. Take a deep breath, think about one thing which you know you can do (putting a ball six inches in the cup?) and then try to use that part of your mind which relaxes you.

Let’s get going:

Practice in Golf

Practice is important in golf. But not just hitting three buckets of golf balls. Remember – we’re only going to be taking 80 golf shots in a game from now on. And about half of those will be putts! It’s a well known concept in physical training that if you want to build strength instead of muscle – many repetitions with less weight is the best way. The analogy is less practice shots – but more often.

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The Most Amazing Golfer - Moe Norman

Ever heard of Moe Norman, the man who set 33 course records, won 13 Canadian Tour events, played for Canada in the World Cup in 1971, shot 59 three times and 17 holes-in-one? No? It’s not surprising, because many people have never heard of the best golfer in the world, renowned for his amazing accuracy. If he would have played today, then he would have been a superstar, shadowing Tiger Woods, Lee Westwood and others. However, in the 50s and 60s the PGA was not impressed with his showmanship and the press was less than kind. Here’s a great clip about Moe Norman:

Here’s Moe Norman’s single plane golf swing explained

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Mental Golf Game and Instinct - Breaking 80 in Golf (Part 2)

Golf is more a mental game than a physical game.” As clichéd as this phrase sounds, it does hold truth. Think of a round of golf like a game of chess where you have to think at least one step ahead of your opponent so that you use your energy the best way you can. Always keep in mind that your brain dictates what your body does and the more we control how we think, the greater chance of success in our golf shot management – and our score!

So, let your brain tell the body what to do before you actually do it to enhance your mental golf game. Instinct in golf is more important than skills. Trust the right side of your brain and allow it to dominate the left side (read the The Inner Game of Golfby Tim Gallwey). Focus on things you know you can do successfully. I believe you can break 80 in golf by re-organizing the power of your mind. The general idea is to relax and take the pressure off thinking about too many technical issues when getting ready to hit the ball.

5 areas to enhance mental golf game and instinct in golf:

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Don't Ever Talk During Someone Else's Back Swing!

When did you first learn your lesson?

Golf Back Swing

Alien golf etiquette examples

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How to Choose a New Golf Driver

From our friends at Equipio, here’s a good summary of how to choose a new golf driver.

Drivers are always the cool bit of your golf bag – the brands love to push a new driver and after all, there’s nothing more satisfying than smashing one down the middle. With so many golf drivers on the market, deciding which one to choose can be a bit of a challenge – so we’ve focused on three of the most important factors when buying a new golf club: the head, the shaft and the loft.

The Head

Round headed golf drivers continue to be the most prevalent – it is considered the best way of positioning the weight to achieve maximum performance, although Titleist favour a slightly different pear profile design – this shape is slightly more compact and favours better workability. Both Nike and Callaway also have square headed options, which are said to be straighter on off-centre strikes and a bit more forgiving. Some manufacturers bring out ‘tour version’ drivers within their ranges, such as TaylorMade with the R9 TP and Callaway with the Diablo Octane Tour – the construction is the same but with a smaller sweetspot to make ‘shaping’ the ball easier for the better player.

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Golf Shot Management - Breaking 80 in Golf (Part 1)

Breaking 80 in golf is one of the biggest challenges a golfer faces. Whether a novice or a seasoned hacker, breaking that magic number seems like an arduous goal. Shooting under 80 on a regular basis is a rare gift that few golfers will ever achieve but once you go sub-80, it will give you a lot of pleasure – let alone all the bragging rights!! You won’t qualify for the PGA Tour, but your golf game will hit a peak and become far more enjoyable than it is now.

The problem that most weekend golfers face is that they play the game so intermittently that there room for improvement becomes elusive. Nearly everyone ventures out on the first tee with par as an objective, then reality and often, futility sets in. Practice time is usually coupled with practicing the wrong techniques. You already have only a few hours to play golf and you might be wasting that too. But there some tips which can help you break 80 consistently.

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