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Top 5 Golf Courses in Switzerland

Stunning scenery of snow-capped alpine mountains? Brilliant sparkling pristine lakes? Sound good? Then Switzerland is sure to be a magnificent golf destination for you.

Boasting over 90 golf courses throughout the country, you can hardly make a bad choice of where to play. Almost all of the courses are within three hours travel time of each other allowing you to chase the ball by the lakes, through the forests, or up Mont Blanc…if you can hit it that far!

Here are the top five Swiss golf courses that are a ‘must’ play.

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Naturist Golf Resort "La Jenny" in France

A novel golf concept came across our desk the other day. Naturist golf.

La Jenny”, a resort on the west coast of France – not too far from Bordeaux claims to be the only naturalist golf resort in the world…. (Let us know if you know of any others – hard to believe there aren’t any…)

“La Jenny” was created in 1993 and expanded to cover 9 hectares in 2009. That isn’t a big course (6 holes) as championship courses, even non-championship 18 hole courses should cover around 60 hectares. But then again, how long do you want to walk around a course completely nude?

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Better Drugs, Better Golf?

For the once-a-week hacker, discussion of mind altering substances used during a round of golf will usually be limited to who’s buying the next round of beer. Oh, and maybe a few references to the “need” for a few drinks before Joe’s game really gets dialed in.

But anyone who’s ever watched Mythbusters knows better that that. The effects of alcohol on any cognitive, hand-eye coordination task are detrimental at best. The only arguable redeeming factor (if you enjoy the taste of beer and the drinking buddy camaraderie) of alcohol on the golf course is the tendency to reduce inhibitions. Some say that tendency may lead to better shots through a more carefree swing.

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