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Confused about the Ryder Cup formats?

Is anyone out there as confused as we are  about the Ryder Cup formats?  More about the “why” than the “what”!

Watching the coverage Saturday afternoon on  Canal+Sports (easily, the worst commentators on air), it was difficult to get a sense of “fourballs” versus “foresome”. Didn’t seem to work too well for Team U.S.A. either…

We did a blog on “Different Competition Formats” back in May 2010 – but since it doesn’t really hit the spot regarding the Ryder Cup, we’re going to update it next week.

The question for today is: Why do the organisers feel it necessary to have multiple formats? Weather? Speed of play? Educational?

What do you think?

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How Wartime Brits Played Golf With Steel Balls

While 2010 Ryder Cup players and fans struggle with heavy rain (and the US team with its rain gear) let us think about how it was playing golf in 1940’s when almost every European country was afraid of an attack from the Nazis.

Take a look at the official rules of Richmond Golf Course in 1940 found and sent to us by our friend and former U.S. Marine Tony Adler.

The British have a reputation for being understated and unflappable. If this notice put up at the Richmond Golf Course in 1940 doesn’t prove they deserve it, nothing does!

We especially like Rule Number 2…

“In competitions, during gunfire or while bombs are falling, players may take cover without penalty for ceasing play.”

Richmond Golf Club rules

What do you think about these rules? Isn’t it ironic that we worry about something as insignificant as rain while in the past, the biggest concern was how the bombs would affect the play!?

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