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The Rain Stopper

A few weeks ago, I visited fellow classmates in Indonesia who had graduated with me from the San Diego Golf Academy . We decided to play a tournament at a course suggested by one of my friends, Michael. Our tee off was scheduled at 6:30 in the morning. Besides …

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Java Tees Among paddies and volcanoes, great golf courses (Part 2 - Final)

Editor: In the second and final part of his article on Java’s golf courses, Paul Sochaczewski continues to dazzle us with his descriptions of these unique golfing delights as well as provides us with a trip planner for our next visit.

Central Java

The island’s middle-section contains the royal city of Yogyakarta, considered, along …

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Java Tees Among paddies and volcanoes, great golf courses

Editor: On his continuing tour of Distant Greens series, Paul Sochaczewski.
now takes us to Java, home of beautiful and exotic golf courses

Java is home to 130 million people, making it one of the most densely populated places on Earth. The island is also home to 20 recently active volcanoes, making it the planet’s most volatile …

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April 08 Event - VAGG 2010 Network Series at the Lavaux Golf Club

 Tee-off at  the season’s opening golf event!

Join us on April 8th – starting at 16:00 for a 9-hole friendly …

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Better Golfing Through Chemistry?

The integrity of so many professional sports has been compromised by athletes using performance enhancing drugs. Should we worry about golf also being infected?

The accepted wisdom has been that professional golfers don’t take, and furthermore …

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Improving Your Golf Play Part 4 – Prepare for your Round

For now we have covered 3 main topics on improving your game: having golf lessons, choosing the right equipment and practicing. Now let us focus on what you should do to make sure that you arrive at the course ready to play, and how you can maintain your focus during the round.

Ideally you should come to the course well rested without a care in the world. OK, we can forget about that. But you can do much to lessen the pressure at the first tee and to be prepared to have fun, play well and to maintain your composure throughout the round. …

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Good Morning, golf Vietnam wakes up to the rich man’s sport (Part 2)

Editor: In this part Paul Sochaczewski visits several exceptional Vietnamese golf clubs.

Long Thanh Golf Club

Long Thanh

Long Thanh mixes the kitsch of an Asian theme park with meticulous horticulture and maintenance to create a very special complex with two 18-hole courses.
The Hill Course, designed by the California-based Golf-Plan, was a pleasure to play even if my golf wasn’t too good that day. It’s beautiful and natural, with numerous …

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