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Distant Greens: Aiming for green (Part 2)

Editor’s note: In the first part of this posting, Paul Sochaczweski presented the case for environmentally sustainable golf course development. In Part 2, we will learn something more about the Keppel Club of Singapore.

When he took over as the club’s president, Edwin Khew instituted a “Go-Green” master plan to make Keppel an “environmental standard bearer.” Khew, a nominated MP, engineer and industrialist specializing in transforming waste into renewable energy, explains that the plan includes extensive planting of trees and shrubs, which encourages birds, butterflies and animals to reproduce; waste management; outreach to the community and to members; and ”green-operations” such as energy saving and recycling. Such efforts, he says, can also benefit the bottom line. Recycling organic waste and turning it into bio-compost, for instance, saves several thousand dollars annually.

From the elevated open-air restaurant next to the first tee, I could see how several of Keppel’s holes parallel Berlayer Creek, a significant ….. …

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The Gorilla Beats His Chest

They tell me that most golfers don’t want to swing like a “gorilla”. Well, at least not on the golf course. Before I signed up to sponsor this blog, all the other apes told me it would be counter-intuitive for a primate like me to be the mascot for a golf blog. But I guess that’s the point of the primates who decided to put this together.

“There are 674 blogs cramming this space, so if we don’t do something different, our efforts will disappear into the mist”, they pleaded. Now mist I can relate to. So I said, “okay”, arrogantly speaking for my whole sub-species. But not without conditions…read on…

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Thoughts to Improve the Game: Slo-Play

“Hi fans – Gorilla here…. In this post, you’ll be reading GG Guru, a really good golfer but one heck of a curmudgeon. I don’t agree with half of what he says, but he does liven up a party…. Please let me know your thoughts.”

Golf is a wonderful sport – challenging mentally and physically – and those of us hooked on the game can’t conceive of a better way to spend an afternoon. That is, unless we get behind slow players. It’s not that I’m against hackers (That’s good!).

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Distant Greens: Aiming for green (Part I)

Though popular around Asia, golf is often seen as an environmental nightmare. Paul Spencer Sochaczewski explains why it doesn’t have to be so. All agreed to credits to be added….

The world has no shortage of argument-generating themes: Politics, religion and the idea that golf is bad for the environment are favorites. The first two are endless discussions. But I’m more concerned with the golf debate, since anti-golf proponents seem as numerous as golfers themselves.

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Fearless Fashion

It’s snowing in my corner of the world, so what better way to pass the next couple of weeks until Spring and the coming golf season than to plan one’s golf wardrobe. Here are three great collections to tempt you with some funky gear – maybe not for the faint-hearted among us, but they are uninhibited, thoughtfully designed and well… many times downright sexy!

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For Northerners: 6 tips before the season begins

So, for us who have to suffer winter, golf came to an end a couple of months ago but… the new season is just a few weeks away.  Hopefully, because of all the weekends at home during the pause, you’ve re-learned the names of your kids.

Here are 6 short tips on how to pass the cold time quickly and get ready before your course opens up…

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