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The Mailbag - February 2010

Editor: The Gorilla gets quite a few letters and he’d like share a few with you here. All answers are the opinion of the respondent.

Dear GG Guru,  My wife wants to learn to play the game. Is this a good idea? And should I teach her? I’ve heard from some of my friends that this could be a big mistake! MB Boston, MA, USA

Dear MB, Your friends could be right. This is true whether it is the husband,wife, boyfiend or girlfriend who is considering being the teacher. It all depends upon …

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Improving Your Golf Play Part 3 – Practice

On last golf play improvement posts we covered the importance of having golf lessons and choosing the right equipment – but its simply not enough. The bad news is that you really must practice if you are serious about improving your game. Have you noticed how the better players seem to practice more than they play? This really is the only sure way to improve and become a  good golfer. But most of us hate to practice, or just don’t have the time. When you are free for golf, you want to play.

Never fear, the GG Guru is convinced that if you learn to practice intelligently you can make much better use of limited time on the range and on the practice green. (I even know people who enjoy practice more than the real game!)

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Improving Your Golf Play Part 2 - Choose the Right Equipment

In the last GG Guru post we talked about the importance of investing in some golf lessons with a teaching pro if you are serious about improving your game. Now we turn attention to considering your equipment.

Chances are that you bought clubs off the shelf because you liked the price, or the look, or the name, or because they are used by the hottest players on tour. Everyone is a sucker for advertising. It may be that your clubs are not suited for you. So get some expert advice. No doubt when you take your lessons the pro will comment on your equipment. But if that doesn’t happen, you should raise the issue. …

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4 mates play in St Andrews and meet… Rory McIlroy!

Editor: The Royal and Ancient Golf Club in St. Andrews will receive much more coverage on this blog than what you will read below. The account below is that of four good friends enjoying a couple of days in the most magical and venerable golf region of the world.

Every golfer dreams of playing a round on the Old Course at the Royal and Ancient Golf Club in St Andrews, Scotland. Anyone who has played there would say that they have played on more difficult courses and more attractive courses.  But the R&A, founded in 1754 is undisputedly, the home of golf. Hey, it’s where they make the rules!

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Meet and Greet Apero at Holmes Place Health Club - March 23rd Zurich

The VAGG 2010  Network Series is several events throughout Switzerland to bring together people with an interest in golf and golf-related activities at relaxed and informative activities. Check out all the VAGG events: MyGolf

For the first event of the season, VAGG is pleased to invite you… …

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Distant Greens - Aiming for Green (Part 3 -Final)

Editor: In this third and final part Of Aiming for Green, Paul sums up his perspective on the “new ” thinking about golf course development in Asia

“Golf courses – like many things – are not simply good or evil,” Bruce Tolentino, a director at The Asia Foundation, points out. Some are wasteful or environmentally destructive, while others are as environmentally friendly as current technology allows. “As we learn more about the environmental impact of what we do,” Tolentino says, “we see courses adjusting in response.”

I still needed to see for myself. So I went to Cambodia to see how to handle the challenge of buildings a course in a seasonally dry region. In designing the new Phokeethra course in the historic city… …

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Improving Your Golf Play Part 1 - Invest in Golfing Lessons

Here is the first part of a four-part series on how GG Guru thinks we can all improve our golf play. I wonder if he practices what he preaches….. (I even wonder if he is a he?)

How can Joe Golfer improve?

There are no shortages of sources for advice – some good, some bad, some really bad – and your GG Guru is not about to suggest something new under the sun. Just putting out a few common sense ideas.

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